Advertising Rules

    Only registered users can post ads for free or for a fee.

    Advertise for real, and only for yourself

    Ads listed for marketing purposes without offering concrete goods, jobs or services are not permitted. You must place your own ads and not place ads on behalf of others.

    Ad title

    Your ad title should briefly describe what is being advertised, and should not contain unnecessary price, salary, promotional words, contact information or search terms. Examples of promotional words include “promotion”, “best offer”, “best offer”, and “discount”.

    Ad description

    Your ad description should describe what is being advertised. Cannot be copied from another advertiser (this is invalid under copyright law). It also should not contain unnecessary search terms, offensive words, or links to other websites / ads / websites. Unnecessary search words are words that do not directly refer to the item itself, but rather refer to closely related items. For example, ads for Nike shoes may not contain the words “Adidas”, “Reebok”, or “Puma”.

    Advertising language

    Only advertisements in English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed.

    Ad categories

    You should place your ad in the category that most accurately describes what is being advertised.

    There cannot be multiple items in 1 ad

    You only need to advertise 1 unique item in each ad.

    No duplicates

    You may not place the same ad more than once. If you want to advertise the same item again, delete the previous ad before inserting a new ad from the same item. Posting the same ad using a different name or email is also not allowed.


    You can place relevant links to your ad in the ad text description. However, you may not place links to other marketplace sites.


    You’ll need to add relevant images to your ad.

    Images do not match if:

    • Used by other advertisers, and reused without their consent (this is illegal under copyright law)
    • Contains contact information (phone, email, link, Facebook, or other personal information)
    • Contains pictures of children
    • Contains promotional words
    • Contains the advertiser’s own contact information watermarks and prices
    • Contains a watermark of the company logo placed in the center or any four corners of the picture; or covers more than 30% of the photograph
    • Is a collage, which includes several photos edited into the same photo
    • Is a stock photo
    • Downloaded from the website
    • Not in JPEG or PNG format
    • Reused from other ads on
    • Too small or unclear, or irrelevant
    • It may be considered offensive or provocative, for example, a direct model image for an underwear product

    Original goods

    Pirated and counterfeit goods, including counterfeit “luxury” bags, “branded” clothing and gear, CDs / VCDs / DVDs, and computer / game console software are not permitted. All items advertised must be original; we recommend that you include a picture of the required document in the ad to prove the authenticity of the item.

    Realistic deals

    You must provide the actual selling price of your item in your ad. reserves the right to deduct unrealistic sale prices that we feel are not really the full price of your item (absolutely no installments, upfront fees or exchange prices).

    Bidding and auctions

    We accept ads with price bidding and auction bids.

    Rules on pets and animals

    The care of animals / trafficked on must be in accordance with the Malaysian Wildlife Protection Act 1972, the Fisheries Act 1985, and CITES.

    Illegal goods

    Ads featuring items prohibited for sale under Malaysian law are not permitted on The following is a list of illegal items.

    • Controlled chemicals (eg mercury)
    • Drugs
    • Fireworks and explosives
    • The human part
    • Pornography
    • Prescription drugs
    • Weapons reserves the right to update this list at any time.

    Prohibited goods and services has restrictions on the advertising of certain goods and services. The following is a list of prohibited goods and services.


    • Adult Sex Toys
    • Alcohol / Liquor
    • DC comic books and new stuff
    • E-books
    • Email address
    • Kenderaan Berdaftar Asing
    • Software Hackers
    • Offensive propaganda (including items related to Politics, Religion or other sensitive issues)
    • Satellite dish
    • Speed Trap Device
    • Spy Tools
    • Tobacco-based products, e-cigarettes, vape tools & liquids, pod systems and all their accessories
    • Uncertified Herbal Remedies
    • Used Underwear


    • Black Magic Service
    • Loan and Refinancing Services
    • Human trafficking
    • Bank Loan Provision
    • Get Rich Quick Scheme
    • Tattoo Services
    • Unlock or Jailbreak Service for Gadgets reserves the right to update this list at any time.

    Offensive content

    Advertisements or images that are deemed offensive to ethnic groups, individuals, or public figures are not permitted.


    Advertisements under “Services” must comply with Malaysian laws and regulations applicable to a given profession. reserves the right to:

    • Remove inappropriate images, and edit or delete any unnecessary search terms or promotional words
    • Ask advertisers to modify their ads to comply with the rules mentioned above
    • Use full discretion in making the final decision on whether or not an ad breaks the rules.